The University of Iowa

Advanced Radiation Safety for Fluoroscopy Course

Monday, January 1, 2018 to Monday, December 31, 2018

Study conveniently with this online educational course & quiz provided by The UI College of Nursing. 

Course Fee: $125
Refunds not available

Course Info
-Meets Iowa Board of Nursing requirements for ARNPs & is suitable for providers working with fluoroscopy & interested in additional education in radiation safety 
-Coursework requires +/- 60 minutes
-80% passing quiz score required

Course Objectives
-State the differences between ionizing & nonionizing radiation. Be able to identify the medical imaging modalities using each type of radiation & apply the inverse square law to effectively reduce one’s radiation exposure
-Describe how x-rays are produced & the effect of the inverse square law
-State the concepts to accurately predict which tissues will be most susceptible to the detrimental effects of ionizing radiation, the biological effects of radiation on tissue, the appropriate safe distance & shielding methods, & the difference between stochastic & non-stochastic effects
-Understand the ALARA concept in terms of time, distance, & shielding
-Understand the maximum annual dose of occupational ionizing radiation
-State the agencies involved in regulation, requirements & policy making regarding fluoroscopy 
-State the regulatory requirements for dosimeters & their proper placement
-Describe the method for obtaining a dosimeter & answer questions regarding dosimeter readings, reports & radiation safety
Intended Audience
This course is designed for Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners in Iowa to meet the educational requirements enacted by the IBON for education in radiation safety & management, physics, & radiology for ARNP's supervising fluoroscopy.

The University of Iowa College of Nursing is the Iowa Board of Nursing Approved Provider No. 1. Full attendance with a passing score will be awarded 1.2 contact hours (0.12 CEUs). Your Nursing License No. is required. Those without a nursing license will receive a General CEU.